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New Clinics in Norwood Junction and Crystal Palace

Hi, I’m Yvonne!  I moved into the Crystal Palace area in February 2018, when the snow was thick on the ground, especially for London, and I have now seen the rest of the seasons come almost full circle!   I continue to work at clinics in Brighton, Canary Wharf, and Warren Street and have had the pleasure of meeting and treating a broad spectrum of people, many of whom I’ve come to know quite well over the years.

The nature of my working hours and travel, has meant that I get home quite late during the week. Weekends have been my opportunity to try and get to know my new stomping ground a little better.  That said, many weekends are taken up visiting family and friends, entertaining or just relaxing.  After some adventures and exploration, I have come across a couple of fabulous clinics: one in South Norwood and one in Crystal Palace, both of which I have started to work from.

The South Norwood clinic is newly refurbished, and with each treatment room having its own heating system, electric under blanket on the couch along with a great sound system. This provides a super and tranquil surrounding for treatment.   It’s within sneezing distance of Norwood Junction train station, so you can drop in on your way home from work and ease away the stress.



The Crystal Palace clinic is a bit of a hidden gem, found down a little side road, just off the ‘triangle’.  At the bottom of an “oldy worldy” little street with its circular cobbles lies a quirky building with a metal staircase leading to a balcony, which is a destination for outdoor cinema during the annual Crystal Palace festival.  Inside this structure is a dedicated centre for holistic treatments, yoga and personal training.

Both clinics are within easy access by foot, bus or car. If attending the Crystal Palace clinic, you can park in Sainsbury’s and do your shopping beforehand.  Both clinics have an online booking system, so that you can check availability, or you can call me directly to chat over what might be the best treatment options.

At present, I work at Crystal Palace on Tuesdays and South Norwood on Fridays, however these days may change in the New Year.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the treatments I offer: whether acupuncture; massage; or wanting help to slow down the signs of ageing, please feel to call me to discuss.