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“I have asthma and about 2 years ago I caught a severe lung infection, which took chest specialists over 6 months to clear using various antibiotics. Following this I had recurring infections every 6 weeks or so taking more antibiotics sometimes for 21 days. In May I began Acupuncture and Tui Na Massage treatments on a regular basis with Yvonne. Since these began I have only caught one infection in the last 33 weeks and counting. I have also reduced my traditional asthma medicine to its lowest level in over 20 years and currently feel well and strong. It certainly has done me a lot of good. My treatment is ongoing and I expect my health to continue to improve.”

Ray (Retired Manager)

“I have been very privileged to have been treated by Yvonne.  The back massage she provides more than compensates for the lack of mobility I suffer from sitting at my desk for hours on end.  She is excellent for targeting each session to particular problems I may be having and some I didn’t know I had.  I look forward to each session knowing that I will come away feeling invigorated and relaxed.”

Duncan (Consultant)

“Yvonne has a vast range of knowledge and tremendous skill in providing a targeted and effective therapy to a variety of ailments. I had been struggling with a series of problems and with Yvonne’s help I have been able to return to intensive Martial Arts training. This has had a positive effect on my overall well-being. Thank you Yvonne.”

Simon (Engineer)

“Yvonne gave me acupuncture treatment for burstitis that I had in my elbow. I had been suffering with this for a number of years and nothing had helped. The treatment she gave me was 2 years ago and it has never come back. I would recommend Yvonne wholeheartedly”

Phil (construction worker)

“Being previously a fan of Botox, facials and general skincare, I was interested in the facial acupuncture that I had heard so much about. The treatment itself is largely relaxing and the results were great! My skin was noticeably smoother and looked in far better condition and the lines were definitely improved, to the point that that evening I was asked by a friend if I had had my Botox redone! My skin looked better for days, with a healthy glow about it and it felt softer than prior to treatment. Yvonne is a great, knowledgeable therapist and I will definitely be back for more treatment!”

Sara (drama teacher)