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To check or confirm availability, discuss treatments, or bookings, contact me directly on 07813 270207 or by email at  From time to time, I will follow up with clients after and in-between treatment sessions and am happy to discuss how your progress is going by phone or by e-mail.  Please be aware that at times I may be treating clients and so unable to respond immediately, although I aim respond promptly to all inquiries.

During the pandemic, I have been able to offer ‘remote’ treatments over the phone or video-conference for certain conditions. Please contact me for details!

Please note: If appointments are changed or cancelled with less than 48 hours notice, then the full fee will be charged.

My work locations are as follows, although these can vary from time to time.  The booking process varies between clinics, so do contact me in the first instance e.g. if you are interested in booking the same appointment time for a few weeks.

  • Corporate Work, Victoria